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home repair

When your roof is damaged, whether it is from hail, wind, ice or falling branches, we are ready to provide reliable repairs. Call American HVAC and Home Services to make sure repairs are made professionally and efficiently.


Don’t attempt to make roof repairs yourself! A roof is a dangerous place, especially during and immediately after a storm. Call us and our roof repair experts will be on scene quickly to make temporary repairs to restore the integrity of your roof.


When your roof is damaged, call us first. We can work directly with your insurance company to help to make sure you receive the full benefits of your homeowner’s insurance policy. The insurance claims process can be stressful and confusing, especially since you’ve just experienced unexpected damage and trouble to your home.


American HVAC and Home Services has working relationships with most major insurance companies. Our dedicated staff is experienced in the insurance process and will walk you through it every step of the way. From the moment your roof is damaged, to the moment your claim is paid we will be in constant communication with both you and your insurance company.


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Roof Repair / Maintenance


Often simple, affordable repairs can keep your property protected and greatly extend the life of your roof, because minor problems can quickly turn into major expenses!


Over time, even the highest quality roof will wear down and require maintenance. We can quickly diagnose common roof problems so you won’t need to worry about disruptions and damage from leaks. Damage discovered early generally requires a less expensive fix.


  • Shingles. Shingles can suffer considerable damage in severe weather, including cracks, lifting and total blow-off. Any of these issues make a roof susceptible to water leaks, and must be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Flashing. Metal flashing acts as a water barrier between the roof field and projections such as skylights, chimneys, dormers and vents. It’s also a crucial addition at roof valleys. Because flashings are the most vulnerable part of any roof, they must be carefully designed and maintained.
  • Gutters. Keeping gutters clean and free-flowing allows water to be channeled away from your home, preventing damage to its foundation and exterior.

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